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Timetable & Fares

Today's Timetable - Yellow Timetable

Ravenglass DeparturesDalegarth Departures
09.25D 10.25D
10.25 11.30
10.45 11.50
11.25 12.50
12.10D 1.30D
12.45 2.25
1.30 2.45
2.25 3.30
2.45D 3.50D
3.30 4.30
4.10 5.10
4.50 5.50
5.50D 6.40D

D denotes a diesel hauled service. Diesels may also replace steam services on the day without any notice.

A single journey lasts approximately 40 minutes.

To view the timetable on a selected day, click on the date.

Click here to view the 2016/17 timetable

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Cyclists please note that it is not possible to board the train with your bike unless you have pre-booked. There is space for 4-6 bikes per train but wheelchairs take priority. Please call 01229 717171 to book cycles and wheelchairs onto the train pre departure. Please note that cycles cannot be boarded at intermediate stations, boarding is at Ravenglass and Dalegarth Stations only. Please note that during the yellow timetable we can not accept bikes onto the 11:25 and 2:25 departures from Ravenglass or the 12:50 and 2:25 departures from Dalegarth.

Online ticket purchases must be presented at Ravenglass or Dalegarth Ticket Offices on arrival where they will be exchanged for travel tickets.

2016 Fares

Ticket TypeChild (under 5)ChildAdultFamily
Return Journey
Single Journey
Ratty Rover Pass*
* 5 days unlimited travel

Dogs: £1.50

(Dogs are accepted on the trains, in both

Gift Shops and Fellbites Cafe ground floor)

Cycles: £3.50

Must be pre-booked - can't be accepted on the

11:25 & 2:25 from Ravenglass OR

12:50 & 2:25 from Dalegarth during yellow timetable

Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway

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These fares are staying at 2015 online prices.

FREE Travel for local residents

CA18/19 postcodes on the last Friday of every month. Please bring a household bill as proof of address to the ticket office and exchange for your travel ticket. Two persons per household. Not valid on special events.

Accessibility Statement

The Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway aims to provide a great day out for all ages and abilities. Read our Access Statement to find out more details.

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