Full 2015 Timetable Online

The 2015 timetable has now been confirmed and can be viewed online here.

The timetable sees a couple of changes from last year and we've taken onboard some of the feedback we received. Firstly the 08.30 train from Ravenglass has been removed from the pink and yellow timetable, this little used service showed little commercial benefit whilst adding considerable time to the working day of the driver and guard of that rostered turn.

We have added a 6th colour to this years timetable. This was to balance the demand for services that we have throughout the month of June. Traditionally this had been fulfilled with the Pink timetable, however it was decided that the working day was particularly long and passenger numbers did not merit the last service train on this timetable. As a result we've had a little reshuffle! Selecting a contrasting 6th colour proved to be difficult, we eventually settled on brown (yes, brown.) Because brown isn't the nicest of colours we have moved the red colour (traditionally the colour used for diesel only services in December) to become the new busier timetable that runs continuously from June 1st - July 3rd and brown will now be the colour of the diesel only service in December.

You will also notice that a few .30 or .50 departures have become .25 or .45, this is to enable a timely departure and improve the Railway's time keeping with connections to the mainline in Ravenglass. We tested this with  couple of services in 2014 and it proved to be a success.

As ever we hope the timetable suits your needs and allows you to make the most of your day in the Lake District, we hope to see you soon!

Tuesday 13th of January 2015

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