River Esk's 100th Centenary Gala

Centenary celebrations for River Esk

Our gala celebration for River Esk’s centenary will be taking place over the weekend of 29th/30th April and 1st May. We will be running a full (yellow) timetable with 1/2/3 day rover tickets, allowing passengers to hop on and off different trains. ‘Samson’ will be visiting from Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway to help celebrate alongside most of our resident steam and diesel engines including ‘Katie’ from the museum. 

Other exciting activities include signal box tours, and in the workshop, you'll find Stuart Harrison and his miniature railway.

Visit the station cafes for delicious centenary cupcakes!

Tickets can be booked in advance or purchased on the day at Ravenglass or Dalegarth stations.

Below is a list of steam/diesel engines that we hope to have out and about at various times throughout the bank holiday weekend. Confirmed roster details will be released nearer the date. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates. 

Saturday & Sunday

Samson (Visiting from the Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway)

Katie (From the Ravenglass Railway Museum)

River Irt

River Esk

River Mite

Northern Rock

One of the diesel locos TBC

Bank Holiday Monday



River Esk

Northern Rock

One of the diesel locos TBC

Ticket information

Tickets are listed as 1/2/3 day rovers - adult | child ( 3-17 years) | dogs | children under 3 go free

Rover tickets allow unlimited travel on the allocated dates.

Gala rover ticket fares:

LengthAdult PriceChild PriceDog Price
1 Day£27£16.20£1.50
2 Day£50£30£3.00
3 Day£60£36£4.50