at Ravenglass & Eskdale Steam Railway

For all sorts of reasons, a wide cross section of people of (all ages) find volunteering not only satisfying, but very fulfilling. Making new friends, learning new skills and expanding their social lives alongside the satisfaction of contributing to something positive and a job well done.

Volunteering at Ravenglass & Eskdale RailwayHere at the Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway, we operate a seven mile railway in the beautiful landscape of the Lake District National Park. Our volunteers play an important part in helping us maintain the high level of service that we run. They carry out many vital roles on the Railway and are part of an committed and experienced team that run our trains.

We like to think of our volunteers as being part of the Ravenglass Railway family and like every family, we see some each week, some every few weeks and others at varied times of the year. So whether you have a day a week, a week a year or longer to help the railway, it doesn't matter. It also doesn't matter if you've never done this sort of thing before. We can find a job that suits you and any training needed will be given to you.

Not only does volunteering bring satisfaction of a job well done, but depending on your circumstances, experiences learnt whilst volunteering at Ravenglass can help and be part of your CV. It shows any potential employer that you are playing a constructive part in our successful team. Or you can put your life’s working experience and skill into use by interacting with our visitors and helping them to get the most out of their visit to us. As a volunteer with us, you gain new skills, new experiences and new friends. We also gain; we get your time, your experience and your help. Together we operate an award winning railway with over a hundred thousand visitors each year.

What ever your individual circumstances, you will be making a massive difference by volunteering. Bringing your individual skill, generosity and enthusiasm to over 100 years of Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway history by creating today’s history for future generations now!

The continued operation of the railway relies heavily on the efforts of volunteers to support the permanent staff.

You are welcome to join our team and if you’d like to get involved or have a query about what a day’s work is like at the railway simply get in touch with Peter Mills, Volunteer Liaison Officer by calling us on 01229 717171 or emailing volunteer@rerps.co.uk

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