Terms and conditions for ticket purchase for Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway - May 2022 Revision

All persons travelling on the Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway (the “Railway”) and at all times whilst on or at our premises are subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Our enquiry and booking service (the “Booking Service”) is offered as a service to you, the customer, by us, Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway Company Ltd (also referred to as “we”, and “our” or “Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway”), via our website at www.ravenglass-railway.co.uk (the “Website”).
  2. These Terms and Conditions set out the terms of our contract with you in relation to the supply of any ticket that you purchase using the Booking Service. If you do not agree with these terms, you must not use the booking service.
  3. You confirm that you are at least 18 years old and have authority to use the payment method or billing account details you provide for the purpose of settling any payments due from any purchase made through the Booking Service, or that you owe to us. You also confirm that all information supplied by you in using the Booking Service is accurate and that you will not make any speculative, false, or fraudulent reservation.
  4. It is your responsibility to inform us of any changes of address, contact phone number or email address. Our preferred method of contacting you is by email; it is your responsibility to provide a valid email address. Please note the contact phone number should be the number that our staff can contact you by on the day of your visit.
  5. We advise passengers to prebook tickets in advance through the booking service on the website. If you have not pre booked your ticket, we will book you onto the next available train.
  6. Tickets are only valid on the date, time and seat allocation shown. It is your responsibility to ensure you have been issued with the correct tickets.
  7. Tickets may be purchased up until 08:00 on the day of travel.
  8. Tickets will be issued digitally, and you should have means of showing them during your visit if required.
  9. Tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable. Except in the following circumstances – we are unable to operate the railway due to technical difficulties, extreme weather, or pandemic related restrictions including isolation of either ourselves or you the customer.
  10. You are required to arrive at your departure station (Ravenglass or Dalegarth) 15 minutes before your advertised departure. You are not required to check in at our booking offices. You must travel in your allocated seats. Please ensure you are dressed appropriately for the weather conditions.
  11. We advise passengers to wear face masks in all inside and busy areas.
  12. If you feel unwell or show symptoms related to COVID-19 please do not visit. You will be entitled to reschedule or refund your ticket.
  13. We will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that all services operate as planned. However, we reserve the right, where appropriate, whether for safety reasons, or otherwise, and with or without prior notice, to substitute or cancel any service. If a scheduled service is moved or rescheduled, tickets can be exchanged on a like for like basis.
  14. Holders of gift vouchers whether issued by us or third-party providers must be booked in advance by telephone to enable tickets to be issued for your journey. They cannot be exchanged for cash alternatives.
  15. Special Event tickets whether purchased through our booking service or via a third party can only be used on the day, time and seat allocation stated. Special Event Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable except when the event cannot take place. Special Event ticket holders are not permitted to resell or transfer tickets to other named persons.
  16. Pullman and First-Class Tickets can be bought in advance and are only available on specific services. No dogs may travel in “Joan” the Pullman Observation carriage. Food and Drink is not permitted in “Joan” the Pullman Observation Carriage. If the Pullman or First-Class carriages are moved, rescheduled or unavailable tickets may be exchanged or refunded. Pullman and First-Class ticket holders will not be entitled to any refund or compensation if we allow other passengers to occupy Pullman and First-Class seats due to an out of course event.
  17. Group bookings are subject to a minimum of 10 persons. Please contact the office for further information.
  18. Dogs are permitted on all timetabled services. They are required to have a ticket for travel. Dogs must be kept on a short lead and under control. Dogs are not permitted in the Joan Pullman Carriage and Railway Museum (unless assistance dogs). Dogs may only use designated areas of the Turntable and Fellbites Cafes.
  19. Bikes can be transported on the trains, but they must be pre booked. Please call us to book 01229 717171. We cannot accept walk up bikes.
  20. We shall not be liable to any passenger for any loss or damage which arises out of or in connection with or because of the operation or cancellation of any service provided, including but not limited to damage to or loss or property or items belonging to the passenger and any personal injury subject to clause 17. Passengers should be aware that steam operated trains can emit hot soot and particles during operation.
  21. We only supply the Booking Service for private use. You agree not to use the service for any commercial or business purpose, and we have no liability to you for any loss or profit, loss of business, business interruption, or loss of business opportunity.
  22. Passengers must always keep personnel belongings with them. We accept no responsibly for the theft of any property or personnel item whilst travelling on our trains or on our premises.
  23. Clauses in these Terms and Conditions do not exclude or limit in any way our liability for:- a) death or personal injury caused by our negligence; or b) fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; or c) any breach of the obligations implied by section 12 of the Sale of Good Act 1979 or section 2 of the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982; or d) losses for which it is prohibited by section 7 of the Consumer Protection Act 1987 to limit liability.
  24. Unnecessary noise (such as that from the use of radio sets, personnel stereos, including MP3 players and any other electrical equipment, or any behaviour likely to cause annoyance to other passengers, is not permitted on any service.
  25. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult and always remain under the supervision of an adult. Children should be seated away from carriage doors and openings where possible.
  26. All passengers should keep all limbs inside the confines of the carriage. Leaning out or extending arms or legs outside the train during the journey is strictly forbidden and will result in removal from the train at the next available opportunity. Passengers on board carriages with droplight windows must not lean out of the windows or over the carriage side during the journey.
  27. Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is strictly prohibited on board the trains and on the platforms.
  28. Passengers must only board and alight when the train is at a designated stop and when instructed by us.
  29. Passengers must always remain seated during the journey.
  30. Whilst waiting for trains passengers should always remain on the platforms and only cross the railway tracks at designated crossing points at either end of the platforms.
  31. We reserve the right, without refund and, where appropriate, to refuse entry onto or remove from the train or platform any person who, in our opinion a)is likely to affect the safety or enjoyment of other passengers by their conduct; or b) has used threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour or in any way provokes or behaves in a manner which may provoke a breach of the peace; or c) is likely to endanger themselves, the train, the staff or any other passenger.
  32. All passengers must comply with all relevant statutes, current COVID 19 legislations as laid out by Government law, safety announcements, instructions given by our staff and the regulations in force at the time whilst travelling on the railway.
  33. Breach of any of these Terms and Conditions or any unacceptable behaviour likely to cause damage, nuisance or injury shall enable us to refuse to carry you as a passenger or will result in your removal from the train at the next available opportunity.
  34. We will only use the personal information you provide us to provide the service or to inform you about similar services which we can provide unless you tell us you do not want to receive this information.
  35. These Terms and Conditions are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with English Law, and any claim brought under these conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of English Law.
  36. Third-party services. When you book a ticket and your preferred product or service is available, the contract for such third-party services (for example, travel company or hotel booking) will be between the relevant supplier and you. We are not a party to any such contractual relationship, and you should read the terms and conditions applicable to such third-party services.
  37. INTERMEDIATE STATIONS : please note that passengers joining at intermediate stations are for single fare journeys only. If you purchase a return ticket you must start your journey at your departure point as shown on your ticket. Failure to start at the departure point does not guarantee joining at an intermediate station. Passengers that fail to turn up at departure points risk losing their seat allocation for that journey leg. The intermediate stations are request stops only. Please signal clearly to the driver as the train approaches.We cannot guarantee that there will be space on all trains for passengers at this station. If the train does not have an empty compartment it will not stop. You will only be able to purchase a single ticket. Transactions will be cash only. If you do not have cash the guard will issue a promise to pay ticket. We expect these to be settled either at our booking offices at Ravenglass or Dalegarth or by telephone with our office 01229 717171. It is not possible to book tickets in advance to or from this station.

WIFI Mobile location code of conduct

We use Location Based Services (LBS) to understand traffic patterns in venues. The location data we capture helps us to understand venues, such as how long customers stand in line and how they generally move around an area, enhancing operational efficiency and improving user experience.

If you would like to find out more about the data we collect through Mobile Location Analytics MLA, take a look at our solution providers location analytics policy, alternatively, you can opt out of location analytics.

Ravenglass Railway Camping Coaches Terms and Conditions

To ensure the maximum enjoyment of your holiday and that of all our other guests, and to ensure the good management of the Railway and for the benefit of all who use it, the following Terms and Conditions will apply.  These terms and conditions form the agreement between us for your occupation of accommodation on the Railway.

In these Terms & Conditions, the expression “you “/”your” means the caravan/motorhome owner and/or occupier and/or occupier of Camping Coach, and the expression “we”/”us”/”our” means the Railway and/or Station Manager.

We reserve the right to ask guests who are on breach of these Terms & Conditions or the Railway  Rules or, who in any other way are behaving in a manner likely to cause distress or nuisance to us or to any other visitors or customers of ours, to leave the premises immediately. In these circumstances the holiday ceases and we shall not be liable for any extra costs incurred by you.

Booking guidelines and rules

Bookings can be made by our website online at www.ravenglass-railway.co.uk or by telephone 01539 587 842, or by emailing us bookings@lakedistrictestates.co.uk.

Holiday booking dates are limited to the following:

  • Check in on Monday or Friday only
  • Min stay 3 nights at the weekend
  • Min stay 4 nights mid week 
  • 7,10 and 14 stays available. 10 night stays can only start on a Friday. 

1. Introduction

1.1. We are Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway (“we”, “our”, “us”) of Maudlands, Maude Street, Kendal, Cumbria, LA9 4QD.

1.2. By booking with us, you confirm that you agree to comply with and accept these booking conditions and the following information which we will provide to you: (i) the accommodation rental conditions (which means all information in any specific conditions or restrictions set out in the website description of your chosen accommodations); (ii) the Important Information section of the website or other publication we tell you about; and (iii) any other written information we brought to your attention prior to confirming your booking, including individual Park Rules.

1.3. These Booking Conditions apply to bookings of accommodation only at the following locations: Hill of Oaks Lodge and Caravan Park; Newby Bridge Caravan Park; Tewitfield Marina; Waterfoot Caravan Park; Woodclose Park; Clea Hall Park; Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway.

2. Your use of the booking

2.1. The accommodation that we advertise is offered for the sole purpose of holiday lettings and/or must never be occupied as your principal home, unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing by us. Accordingly, you agree and accept that you are not offered any rights to the accommodation other than the right to occupy the accommodation as holiday accommodation for the period of your booking. No booking of any kind is an ‘Assured Shorthold Tenancy’ or protected under the Protection from Eviction Act 1977.

2.2. Our booking services with you are available for your personal, non-commercial use only. You may not offer for resale any booking services without our express permission.

3. Website details

3.1. We aim to make sure that information provided about our accommodation and its facilities or services, is accurate and complete on the date given. Descriptions are intended to present a general idea of the accommodation and do not constitute any advice or recommendation by us.

3.2. Not all details of the relevant facilities can be included on our website. Furthermore, there may be small differences between the actual accommodation and its description. Occasionally, some facilities or services may not be available or may be restricted. If this happens, we will tell you as soon as reasonably practical after we become aware.

3.3. Where Wi-Fi is an advertised facility, its provision is subject to availability and network conditions. It may not be available 24 hours a day and is provided for pleasure, not for business purposes.

3.4. We cannot accept responsibility for any inaccurate, incomplete or misleading information about any accommodation or its facilities and services that we pass on to you in good faith, unless this was caused by our negligence. If we become aware that such information is not true, we will promptly correct it.

3.5. We cannot accept responsibility for any changes or closures to local services or attractions mentioned on our website

4. Making your booking

4.1. As the person in charge of the party (“the party leader” or “you”), you must be at least 18 years old at the time of booking. By making the booking, you confirm that you are authorised to make the booking. It is your responsibility as the party leader to ensure that the other party members are aware of and agree to comply with these booking conditions where applicable.

4.2. You are responsible for making all payments to us.

4.3. You must ensure that all the information you provide us in connection with your booking is true, accurate, current and complete. If any of your details change, you must promptly update your details.

4.4. If you or any member of your party has any medical problem or disability that may affect your booking, please tell us before you confirm your booking and give us full details in writing as early as possible before you travel. If we are unable to make reasonable adjustments to meet that person’s particular needs, we can refuse or cancel the reservation.

4.5. If you have any special requests, you must let us know when you make a booking and confirm them in writing. Although we will try to accommodate any reasonable requests, we cannot guarantee that any request will be met. Confirmation that we have noted a special request or the fact it is shown on your written confirmation or any other document, is not confirmation that the request will be met. If we fail to meet any special request, it will not mean we or they have broken your contract.

4.6. If the accommodation is available and we have received all the relevant payments from you, we will give you written confirmation of your booking as soon as reasonably possible. This confirmation will show your booking details, the amount you have paid and the amount you still owe for the booking.

4.7. Your binding contract will begin when we issue you or your travel agent the written confirmation and you have made the appropriate payments to us.

4.8. If you pay the deposit, it does not mean we have accepted a booking unless we have issued you with written confirmation.

4.9. If you book with us online, we will acknowledge that we have received your booking and then later send you your confirmation by email. It is your responsibility to check your emails regularly and to let us know about any change to your email address.

4.10. Where we offer the option of a provisional telephone booking, the accommodation will be released for general sale after the agreed time period unless you confirm the booking by making the appropriate payment.

4.11. We have the right to refuse any booking before we send you written confirmation. If we do this, we will tell you in writing and promptly refund any money you have paid to us. In this case, we will not have any legal responsibility to you.

4.12. As soon as you receive your confirmation, you must check the details carefully. If anything is not correct, you should tell us immediately. We have no responsibility for any errors in any documentation, except where an error is made by us.

4.13. If you book through a third party, we will send your confirmation and any other documentation to your travel agent.

4.14. Even if we have sent a written confirmation, we have the right to cancel a booking where there are reasonable grounds to believe that (i) it is not legitimate; (ii) you are likely to breach these booking conditions; (iii) information supplied by you in relation to your booking is incorrect; or (iv) you have behaved in a vexatious, abusive or unlawful manner to our staff. If we cancel your booking in these circumstances, we will tell you in writing and will not have any legal or financial responsibility to you.

5. Payment

5.1. When you book, you must pay the non-refundable deposit amount then due (see also clause 6 (Deposit)).  You must pay by debit or credit card and we only accept payment in pounds sterling.

5.2. We must receive the rest of the money owed no less than 4 weeks before the start of your stay. We will automatically collect the balance owed on the card that you used to pay the deposit, unless you settle the amount owed before that date or unless you tell us otherwise. If you book less than 4 weeks before the start of your stay, we must receive full payment of the total cost of your booking when you make the booking.

5.3. If you do not pay any payment due in relation to your booking by the appropriate date, we are entitled to assume that you want to cancel your booking. In this case, your booking will be cancelled immediately and the provisions of clause 9 (Full customer cancellations – basic) will apply. You may also need to pay additional charges.

5.4. There is no charge for debit or credit card payments. However, if your bank refuses to make your payment for any reason, we are entitled to make an administration charge of £10.

5.5. If you have booked an accommodation through a third-party travel agent, please be aware that they may collect payment differently. Please check with the third-party travel agent in advance of making a booking.

6. Deposit

6.1. For most bookings, we will ask you to pay a non-refundable deposit, to secure your booking.

6.2. The standard non-refundable deposit is 10% of the accommodation rental price (or the first full night of your booking for Touring), but we may occasionally require you to pay more or less. You will be told what the deposit is prior to making the booking.

6.3. If you book an accommodation with a deposit which is lower than the standard deposit, you also agree to pay the difference between the amount paid and the standard deposit. You must make this additional payment either at the time the balance of your booking is due or, if you cancel before the balance due date, at the time you cancel the booking. Terms of any low deposit scheme, if available for your accommodation, will be displayed on our website.

7. Pricing

7.1. We keep the prices charged under constant review and the prices of unsold accommodation may be increased or decreased at any time. We may also correct mistakes in the pricing of unsold accommodation at any time. We will confirm the price of your booking when you make it. As changes and mistakes can happen, you must check the price and all other details of your chosen accommodation at the time of booking.

7.2. All prices quoted or otherwise given to you include all charges and any taxes or government charges (including VAT) which may apply to your booking at the time it is made.

7.3 All accommodation prices are for the accommodation as a whole and are not on a per person basis, except when an extra person charge applies.

8. Changing your booking

8.1. If you want to change any detail of your confirmed booking, you must notify us via email or by calling us as soon as possible and we will do our best to arrange the changes.

8.2. Changes can only be accepted with our agreement. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to meet your request.

8.3. If we can facilitate your change, you may be asked to pay us an administration charge of £10 for each change in dates or £10 for each change in accommodation, which will be charged on our behalf. You will also have to pay any costs incurred in facilitating this change for you, which, where relevant, will be charged at the current website price, which may be different from the price on the website from which you booked your chosen arrangements.

8.4. We may treat changes to your dates or accommodation as a cancellation of the original booking and if so, you will have to pay cancellation charges if you decide to go ahead with the change.

9. Full customer cancellations - basic

9.1. This clause does not apply to any cancellations due to government public health measures for Covid-19.

9.2. If you have to, or want to, cancel your booking after it has been confirmed, you must phone us on the number shown on your booking confirmation as soon as possible. The day we receive your notice by phone or via email (where available) to cancel is the date on which we will cancel your booking.

9.3 You may have to pay a cancellation charge based on the number of days before the arrival date at the accommodation that we receive notice (available on request). This means that if you have already paid the full balance of your total booking cost and then have to, or want to, cancel, you may receive a refund of part of the cost. However, if you have not yet paid your total booking cost by the time of your cancellation, you may have to make a further payment to cover the cancellation charge.

9.4. Total accommodation cost means accommodation rental price plus any extra items charged such as charges for pets, welcome packs or cots.

9.5. If you have booked through a third-party agent, the term ‘total accommodation cost’ does not include any charges made by that agent or anyone else for booking fees, flights, other travel services or any other amounts not paid to us, and you may be liable to pay such charges in the event of cancellation in accordance with the cancellation policy of the third-party agent or other supplier. 

10. Cancellations due to government public health measures for Covid-19

10.1. If we have to cancel your booking due to i) our Park having to close due to Covid-19; ii) UK Government restrictions placed on travel due to Covid-19 you can choose one of the following options:  (i) transfer your booking to a later date free of any administration charges, subject to availability - you will have to pay any difference in price if the cost of the new booking is higher or be reimbursed the difference if the cost of the new booking is lower; (ii) request a voucher with a redemption value equal to the amount previously paid by you for the booking - the voucher terms and conditions will be available to you before you make your choice under this clause (iii) obtain a refund of the amount already paid by you for the booking.

10.2. If you, or a member of your party, have tested positive for Covid-19, have been told to self-isolate, or have any Covid-19 symptoms*, you can choose to: (i) transfer your booking to a later date free of any administration charges, subject to availability - you will have to pay any difference in price if the cost of the new booking is higher or be reimbursed the difference if the cost of the new booking is lower; (ii) request a voucher with a redemption value equal to the amount previously paid by you for the booking - the voucher terms and conditions will be available to you before you make your choice under this clause

10.3. You will have to contact us in order to access these options.

* We may ask to see evidence.

11. Part Cancellations

11.1. If any person(s) in your party needs to cancel, this will not affect the total cost of your booking. 11.2. No refunds are payable in the event that you cut short your stay

12. Changes by us

12.1. We do not expect to have to make any changes to your booking. However, sometimes bookings have to be changed or mistakes have to be corrected. We have the right to do so.

12.2. If we do need to make changes, we will contact you by phone if reasonably possible in the case of a significant change or by email in the case of a minor change as soon as is reasonably practical. We will explain what has happened and let you know about the change. However, we will have no further liability to you

13. Cancellations by us

13.1. If we cancel your booking or are prevented from providing the accommodation you have booked, you may choose to: (i) accept alternative accommodation – you will have to pay any difference in price if the cost of the new accommodation is higher or be reimbursed the difference if the cost of the new accommodation is lower; (ii) request a voucher with a redemption value equal to the amount previously paid by you for the booking – the voucher terms and conditions will be available before you make your choice under this clause; or (iii) obtain a refund of the amount already paid by you for the booking.

13.2. We will contact you to inform you of these options.

14. Events Beyond Our Control

14.1. Except where otherwise expressly stated in these Booking Conditions we will not be liable or pay you compensation, if our contractual obligations to you are affected by “Events Beyond Our Control”. For the purposes of these Booking Conditions, Events Beyond Our Control means any event beyond our control, the consequences of which could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken. Examples include warfare and acts of terrorism (and threat thereof), civil strife, significant risks to human health such as the outbreak of serious disease at the travel destination (including epidemics, pandemics and the ongoing effects of the Covid -19 pandemic) or natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes or weather conditions which prevent you from travelling to the travel destination and/or make it impossible to travel safely to the travel destination or remain at the travel destination, the act of any government or other national or local authority including port or river authorities, industrial dispute, labour strikes, lock closure, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, chemical or biological disaster, unavoidable technical problems with transport and all similar events outside our control.

15. Your obligations in respect of the accommodation

15.1. We have set the following conditions on your stay at the accommodation: (i) Arrival and departure - You can arrive at your accommodation at any time after 4pm (unless we tell you otherwise) on the start date of your rental period. You must leave by 10am on the last day (unless we tell you otherwise). Arrival and departure times may differ by Park and/or accommodation type, details relating to your chosen accommodation will be in your confirmation. If your arrival will be delayed beyond 6pm on the start date of your rental period, you must contact the person whose details we provide you. If you fail to do so, you may not be able to get into the accommodation. If you fail to arrive by 12 noon on the day after the start date of your rental period and you do not let the person whose details we provide to you know that you are arriving late, we may treat your booking as having been cancelled by you. In this situation, you will not be refunded any money you have paid. (ii) Security deposits – We may require payment of a security deposit. If this applies to your chosen accommodation, this is a direct arrangement between you and the Park, which we may or may not administer on behalf of the Park. The amount and details of how the payment should be made and how and when it will be returned (less any costs for breakages, damages etc. if applicable) will be provided at the time of booking. (iii) Behaviour - You and   members of your party agree: a. to keep the accommodation clean and tidy; b. to leave the accommodation in a similar condition as you found it when you arrived; c. to behave in a way at all times while at the accommodation which does not break any law; d. not to use the accommodation for any illegal or commercial purpose; e. not to sublet the accommodation or any part thereof or otherwise allow anyone to stay in it who we have not previously accepted as a member of your party; f. not to behave in an anti-social manner, breach the peace or otherwise act in a way which may disrupt or affect the enjoyment of others. (iv) Maximum occupancy - You must not allow more people than the website states to stay overnight in the accommodation. You cannot arrange for visitors to the accommodation without our advance consent. You must not hold events (such as parties, celebrations or meetings) at the accommodation without our advance consent. If you do any of these things, we can refuse to hand over the accommodation to you, or can repossess it. If we do this, we will treat this as you cancelling the booking. In these situations, you will not receive a refund of any money you have paid for your booking. And we will not be legally responsible to you as a result of this situation (for example, for any costs or expenses you have to pay due to not being able to stay in the accommodation, such as the cost of finding alternative accommodation). We are not under any obligation to find any alternative accommodation for you. (v) Pets - Pets are not allowed unless we say so on the website. You must advise us of your pet at the point of booking. We recommend that any dog must have insurance which includes sufficient pet liability cover and you are wholly responsible for the supervision and behaviour of your pet at all times. If you take a pet with you, it may not allowed upstairs, on beds or furniture, or in any shared facilities, such as bars or shops. You must not leave any pets unattended in the accommodation, including any garden, and you must keep dogs on a lead within the boundaries of the Park (including the garden). Children must not be left alone with any animal. Registered assistance dogs are allowed in most accommodations featured on our websites, even if the accommodation description says that pets are not allowed. If you or any member of the party has a pet allergy, we cannot guarantee that dogs, or other pets, have not stayed in your chosen accommodation, even if we do not allow pets, nor can we accept any responsibility for any subsequent health reaction. Sometimes, we may take pets to an accommodation. It is your responsibility to make specific enquiries before booking. If there is a charge for taking a pet, you will be told at the time of booking. (vi) No Smoking – All accommodations are no smoking (including e-cigarettes). (vii) Electricity, Gas & Water - The accommodation includes electricity and gas charges. (viii) Linen, towels and keys - Except for cots, bed linen is not provided (unless stated otherwise). This may be duvets or blankets and sheets. Please take bed linen for cots with you as required. Towels are not normally provided (unless stated otherwise).

16. Damage

16.1. You are responsible for all guests staying at the accommodation and the things they do (and do not do) even if you do not stay at the accommodation during the booking period.

16.2. You are responsible for and agree to reimburse us all costs incurred by us as a result of any breakage or damage in or to the accommodation which is caused by you or any members of your party or any other persons invited into the accommodation by you. We can ask for an extra payment from you to cover any such costs.

16.3. We expect the accommodation to be left in a reasonably clean and tidy state on departure. If, in our opinion, additional cleaning is required, you will be liable to us for the cost of this cleaning. 16.4. You may need to check and sign an inventory of the accommodation and its contents on arrival at the accommodation. If you discover that anything is missing or damaged on arrival please notify us immediately.

17. Right of Entry

17.1. We or our representative are allowed to enter the accommodation (without letting you know first if this is not practical or possible) if special circumstances or emergencies happen (for example if repairs need to be carried out) or if you break any of these booking conditions, the Parks’ terms and conditions or any other terms that apply to your booking and/or the accommodation.

17.2. We or our representative is allowed to enter the accommodation to inspect it (including but not limited to where you have complained about the accommodation). If this happens, you will be given reasonable notice first.

17.3. You agree to allow us or our representative (including workpersons) access to the accommodation as required by this clause.

18 Unreasonable behaviour

18.1. We can refuse to hand over our accommodation if the unreasonable behaviour of anyone in your party is likely to cause offence to other guests, members of staff or neighbours, or if we have reasonable cause to believe you or any member of your party will cause damage or loss to the accommodation, its services or facilities. If this happens, the contract between you and us will end and you will not receive any refund and we will not have any further responsibility to you.

18.2. We can end a stay after the keys have been handed over, if the unreasonable behaviour of anyone in your party (including anyone invited into the accommodation by you) is likely to spoil the enjoyment, comfort or health of other guests, residents, neighbours or members of staff or where you or any member of your party (or anyone invited into the accommodation by you) has broken or is likely to break any of these booking conditions, our terms and conditions or any other terms and conditions applicable to the accommodation which you have been told about. If this happens, you will have to leave the accommodation immediately and no refund will be given. You may also be responsible for any costs we incur as a result of your behaviour.

18.3.  The operation of and /or flight of so-called drones or any unmanned aircraft systems on the park is strictly prohibited without the express permission of the park management at all Lake District Estates locations.

19. Complaints

19.1. If you have any complaint about our booking services, you must let us know immediately in writing and in any event before you travel. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any legal responsibility if you do not let us know what is wrong and allow us an opportunity to respond to you. If we are found to be at fault in relation to any service we provide, we will not pay more than any reasonable expenses you cannot recover from elsewhere.

19.2. We do not exclude or limit what we will be legally responsible for if death or personal injury is caused as a result of our negligence or that of our employees whilst acting in their course of their employment, or for any criminal act we may commit. Neither can we be held responsible for noise or disturbance which comes from beyond the boundaries of the accommodation or which is beyond our control. If we know about a problem before you arrive, we will contact you to let you know. We cannot be held responsible for the breakdown of mechanical equipment such as pumps, boilers, filtration systems, nor for the failure of public utilities such as water, gas and electricity.

19.3. You must tell us (or our representative) as soon as possible if you are dissatisfied. This means on arrival if you are immediately dissatisfied or during your stay as soon as you become dissatisfied. You must provide an immediate opportunity for us to put right anything that is wrong before the end of your stay.

19.4. If you cannot contact us or our representative, or if you are unhappy with our response, you must phone our Customer Services Line ( 01539 587842) as soon as possible with full details of your complaint and the response (if any). You should make every reasonable attempt to contact us and must do so during your stay and especially before any decision to cut short your stay.

19.5. If you want us to, we will use our reasonable endeavours to attempt to resolve any unresolved complaints.

19.6. If you feel that a problem has not been dealt with to your satisfaction, you must, within 28 days of returning from your stay, put your complaint in writing to us.  You can email us at customerservice@lakedistrictestates.co.uk or write to us at Lake District Estates, Maudlands, Maude Street, Kendal, Cumbria, LA9 4QD, marked for the attention of the Customer Services Department. We have designed this process to make sure we can help to resolve complaints as quickly as possible. Please help us to assist you by following this process. If you fail to do so, this may affect your entitlement to claim compensation if this would be appropriate. We cannot accept any legal responsibility for your complaint.

20. Privacy

20.1. By submitting your personal information to us, you agree to our use of the information in the ways set out in our Privacy Policy, including sharing your personal information with the Parks for the purposes of the provision of the booking.

20.2. Please see our Privacy Policy on our website which explains how we will process your personal information.

20.3. We may, but do not always, record telephone calls between us for monitoring and training purposes. In the event of a dispute between us, we reserve the right to review any recorded calls between us.

21. Changes to these terms

21.1. No representative, agent or sales person has the authority to vary, amend or waive any of these booking conditions. No amendment, variation or waiver of any of these booking conditions will be valid or have any effect unless accepted by us in writing.

22. Other terms

22.1. Any dispute, claim or other matter which may arise in relation to your booking will be governed by English law and you agree that any dispute will be dealt with exclusively by the courts of England and Wales.

22.2. If a court or regulatory agency with proper jurisdiction determines that a provision of these booking conditions or any contract to which they apply is invalid, void or unenforceable then that provision will be interpreted in a way to reflect as nearly as possible the original intentions of the parties that is valid under applicable law or regulation. If any provision is invalid, the rest of these booking conditions will remain effective to the full extent permissible by applicable law.

22.3. We may transfer our rights and obligations under these Booking Conditions to another person or organisation. We will contact you to let you know if this is planned. If you are unhappy with the transfer you may contact us to end the relevant contract within 14 days of us telling you about it and we or they will refund you any payments you have made in advance for services that have not been provided.

22.4. Lake District Estates Ltd, Maudlands, Maude Street, Kendal, Cumbria, LA9 4QD in England and Wales, with a company registration number: 346999.

22.5. Our VAT registration number is GB 156 5145 64.

23. Terms specific to Railway premises 

23.1. Any visitors or guests of yours must adhere to the Railway Rules and are subject to the same terms and conditions as set out in this document.

23.2. The property occupancy is for the number of persons stated on your booking confirmation. Visiting guests must be preauthorised and may be subject to a further charge. We reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone coming onto the premises.

23.3. Any visitors or guests of yours must adhere to the Railway Rules and are subject to the same terms and conditions as set out in this document.

24. Behaviour standards

24.1. You must act in a courteous and considerate manner towards us, our staff and other guests.

24.2. You must comply with the Railway Rules which are available from our Reception Office on request.

24.3. Children must be supervised properly at all times by a responsible adult so they are not a nuisance or danger to themselves or others. Any damage caused to the units will be the responsibility of the children’s parents or guardians.

24.4. This is a working Railway and parents, or guardians are responsible for ensuring that children do not play on the Railway premises or track at any time.

24.5. Children must ride bicycles responsibly on the premises and wear an appropriate safety helmet. Bike must be prebooked on the train. 

24.6. Ball games are not permitted in or around the units under any circumstances.  Ball games are only permitted in the designated play areas in the village. 

24.7. No music, singing or other noise which may cause a nuisance to other occupiers of the units shall be permitted between the hours of 10.30 pm and 8 am and at all other times we would respectfully ask you to be considerate and not cause or create any undue noise or disturbance.

24.8. You should leave the accommodation that you have used in a clean and tidy condition.

24.9. Please place litter in the bins provided and recycle waste items wherever possible in the appropriate containers.

24.10. Please clear up any dog mess and dispose in the correct bins. Dogs must be kept on a long lead within the garden areas and a short lead on the Railway premises. 

24.11. No firearms or offensive weapons are permitted to be kept or used on the park at any time.

24.12. The use of electrical generators is not permitted.

24.13. Washing lines and rotary driers are not permitted unless they are provided by us. 

24.14. Customers must not put rubbish, detergents or any other material which might block the septic tank or sewage system, down the toilets. This would include but is not limited to household wipes, nappies and sanitary products, even if the manufacturer’s information states that they are suitable for being flushed away. If you are in any doubt, please seek clarification as to whether it is acceptable to dispose of certain items down the toilets.

24.15. Campfires are not allowed, and barbeques are only allowed if used on hard standing area (please do not place barbecues on the picnic benches or decking areas).  Please do not dispose of portable BBQ’s in general waste containers under any circumstances.  We are happy to advise of where to dispose of them.

24.16. Anyone found to be damaging Railway equipment will be asked to leave the premises immediately and will be liable for the cost of any repairs or damage caused.

24.17. No logs, branches, twigs etc. may be removed for any purpose from any areas in the park as our wildlife relies on this as habitat.  Guests are reminded that the Railway is situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty and triple SSI. Many of the trees and fauna are protected by law.

24.18. All buildings and accommodation have a non-smoking policy and you must not smoke in or around any buildings or on the Railway premises.

24.19. You must not commit any criminal offence or undertake any criminal activity at the Railway.

24.20 You must not commit any acts of vandalism or nuisance.

24.21. You must not use any unlawful drugs.

24.22. You must not carry on any trade or business at the units. 

25. Vehicles

25.1. All vehicles must be parked following in designated parking areas. Failure to do so may result in you being asked to re-site your vehicle.

25.2.Commercial vehicles and vans are only permitted at our discretion.

25.3.The speed limit on the premises is 10 mph or preferably less and must be observed at all times.

25.4. All vehicles must conform to the Road Traffic Acts and must have road fund licence, valid MOT and insurance. The provisions of the Highway Code apply to all roads on the premises and whilst vehicles are being operated.

25.5.No recreational vehicles (including but not limited to motorised scooters/skateboards and non-road legal motorised vehicles) may be used on the premises, with the exception of accessibility scooters.

26. Dogs

26.1. Well-behaved dogs only are permitted by prior arrangement with us. Such arrangements must be made at the time of booking and incurs a charge of £25 per dog. In the event that a dog is found to have occupied the accommodation, and not been declared, additional cleaning requirements will be required and you will be charged.  We reserve the right to pass on any additional cleaning/ sanitisation or cancellation costs in such cases.

26.2. Dogs must be kept on a short lead at all times and must not be left unattended in the units at any time. 

26.3. Dogs must be exercised off the premises and guests should use the exit nearest their accommodation when doing so.

26.4. Dogs must not be permitted to foul the premises however we are aware that ‘accidents’ do happen and you must clean up immediately if the animal fouls on the premises.

26.5. What constitutes a danger or nuisance is determined by the Railway Manager.

26.6. No other pets are permitted on the premises.

26.7. All accommodation; maximum of 2 dogs per unit with a charge of £25.00 per dog per stay.

27. Ejection from the Railway 

27.1. We reserve the right to ask any person who is in breach of any of these Terms & Conditions or any of the Railway Rules or who in any other way behaves in a manner likely to cause distress or nuisance to us or other visitors to leave the premises immediately. In these circumstances the holiday ceases and we shall not be liable for any extra costs incurred by you.

28. Liability

28.1. We accept no responsibility for any loss or damage that may occur to your car or associated property whilst on the premises, except where such loss or damage has arisen as a result of our negligence of a breach of our duty to you.

29. Regarding COVID-19

29.1. We are open as normal. If you are visiting us, please know that we are doing everything we can to keep our premises clean. As we learn more about Coronavirus (COVID-19) in our communities, Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway want to be transparent about what we’re doing as a company to protect our customers and employees and trust that you can take some degree of comfort and certainty from this.

29.2. We are taking every precaution following government advice. Regarding housekeeping; we have changed our cleaning materials accordingly, follow advice regarding regular hand washing and we have proprietary hand sanitiser stationed around in prominent positions. Everyone is actively encouraged to use hand sanitiser freely.

29.3. If you feel unwell whilst on the premises and suspect it might be Coronavirus (high fever/ new persistent cough) we would respectfully ask you to take the following steps;

  • Return Home and seek medical advice
  • Contact the Railway ticket office or email us at customerservice@lakedistrictestates.co.uk, to advise that you have left the premises in those circumstances.

29.4. The safety and wellbeing of our customers and employees is of the utmost importance. We will be monitoring the Coronavirus situation daily and updating our policies as the need arises whilst always complying with Government guidelines.

30. Holiday Insurance 

30.1. We recommend Compass Insurance Services when looking to protect your well-earnt break away. To get a quote for insurance for your next holiday, click here.