Latest Update - Monday 14th June  

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We are supportive of the Government guidance to ease the country out of this lockdown, keeping you and our communities safe as part of Step 3 lifting of national lockdown restrictions.

17th May to 19th July - there is a delay to Step 4 

Food & Drink:

Turntable cafe will be open for takeaway only. Customers can consume takeaways on the outside seating only. You can pre-order food online through our app here.  

Fellbites cafe will be open for limited table service and takeaway. You can pre-order food online through our app here

Social Contact: Most legal restrictions on meeting others outdoors are now lifted - although gatherings of over 30 people will remain illegal. Indoors, the rule of 6 or 2 households no limit including support bubbles 

Facilities: The Museum and playgrounds at both main stations are OPEN. 

19th July onwards

Social contact: Step 4 has been pushed back until 19th July; the Government hopes to be able to remove all legal limits on social contact. We can then operate at full capacity and lift some if not all social distancing measures.

Test & Trace

It is still a legal requirement for hospitality/tourism in England:

  • to continue with track and trace work
  • to collect the names of all persons travelling over the age of 16 (not just the lead person in the group)
  • to display NHS QR code posters so that customers can register their presence on arrival at the premises using the NHS COVID-19 app

Please note, customers must scan in on the NHS app upon arrival. For customers that refuse to provide contact details (either under our own track and trace arrangements or checking in with the NHS app), all reasonable steps will be taken to prevent access to the attraction. The NHS COVID-19 app must be downloaded in advance to scan the QR code posters. 

We have cleaned up with Zoono!

We are using Zoono to sanitise our carriages. Zoono is a long-lasting sanitiser that provides an invisible layer of protection that lasts for 28 days. It is applied using an Electrostatic Fogging Spray machine. In addition to Zoono our carriages are cleaned daily and key touchpoints are cleaned after every journey.


Will I be required to wear a face covering? Yes, visitors travelling on the trains are required by law to wear a face covering. Children under the age of 11, those with disabilities and those who care for people are exempt from this requirement. We require passengers to wear a face-covering whilst on-site with us; this includes inside all buildings, on the platforms and whilst in the carriages on the train. For communication purposes, you may be asked to briefly remove your face covering. In this circumstance, social distancing will be strictly adhered to.

I am travelling in a closed carriage, do I still need to wear a face covering? Yes, we require customers to wear a face covering even if they are inside a closed carriage.

If I book a carriage type and then change my mind - is it possible to change my booking? We are sorry but it is not possible to change your carriage choice once you have made a booking.

Will I be required to social distance? Yes, we ask our visitors to follow the government guidance and keep two metres apart. We do not expect social distancing rules to be lifted before the end of June at the earliest.

Will I get a ticket? You will receive an e-ticket along with information about your visit at the time of booking. Please check your spam/junk folder if the email is not visible in your inbox.

Do I need to “check in” on arrival? There is no need to check in on arrival. Your ticket will have details of your allocated seating on the train you have chosen to travel on. You may go straight to your seats. Our “Covid Champions” will be on hand to help you.

Which carriages can I book? Passengers are required to book a departure time and carriage type for each leg of their journey. Carriage types available are; Pullman Observation Carriage, 1st Class, fully open, half open and closed. Please note Pullman Observation Carriage and 1st Class carriages are not available on all trains.

An error message appears when I try to book online. Why is this? When booking a return journey, the booking will not process until both the outbound and inbound journeys have been selected. Both grey bars will turn red once completed.

If I have booked an open carriage can I change my booking if the weather is bad? Due to limited capacity, it may not be possible to reallocate your seats in inclement weather. Whatever type of carriage you have booked to travel in we encourage all visitors to dress appropriately and be prepared for the weather conditions that you may experience.

What stations can my return journey start from? Your departure point for the start of your return Railway adventure is either Ravenglass or Dalegarth Station.

Do you sell single tickets? Yes, single tickets are available.

Can I book a whole carriage for my family group/s? Yes, you can book the Pullman Observation Carriage 'Joan' (up to 14 seats) for £150 single or £245 return or the 1st Class Carriage (up to 10 seats) for £140 single or £240 return. Please email us about our full carriage hire options

What can I do on my day out at Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway? There is lots to do/see from both Ravenglass & Dalegarth Stations! Please view our day out ideas at the top of the page for some inspiration.

Are the cafés open? Fellbites Café at Dalegarth will have limited seating inside for table service only. Takeaway available at both cafes and food can be pre ordered through our apps. We will be using disposable cups and crockery which is all biodegradable. Turntable Café at Ravenglass will be open for ice creams, drinks and confectionery.

Pre order at the Fellbites cafe here 

Pre order at the Turntable cafe here 

Can I sit in the cafés? Yes we have limited seating available inside Fellbites cafe for table service and pre-booked cream tea experiences. 

Can I order a Picnic Box? Yes, you can. Pre order your picnic boxes here. Our tapas sharing boxes and luxury picnics are only available to collect from the Turntable cafe. 

Pre order Turntable cafe standard, luxury and tapas sharing boxes here 

Pre order Fellbites cafe standard picnic boxes here 

Are the play areas open? Yes, both play areas at Ravenglass & Dalegarth are now open.

Can I bring a dog? Yes, dogs are allowed on our trains. They must have their own dog ticket and be always on a lead. Dogs are NOT permitted in 1st Class or the Pullman Observation Carriage.

Can I bring a bike? Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate bikes (or folding bikes) until further notice.

What happens if I miss my train departure time? If you miss the train you are booked on we will try to accommodate you on a later train if it is possible to do so. No refunds will be issued if a visitor misses their allocated time.

Are the toilets open? Yes, they are, but social distancing measures must be observed so only one person at a time please unless you are from the same household or family group.

Can I bring a picnic with me? Please do, but you must take all your rubbish home with you. Please recycle. 

Am I allowed alcohol on board? Social distancing and alcohol do not work well together. Please note that you may be refused access if you appear to be over intoxicated.

What happens if I feel unwell before my visit? Please stay at home and email us to re-schedule your visit.

Can I get on at an intermediate station? No, all intermediate stations and car parks are closed until further notice. Trains will not be stopping at intermediate stations.

Are you selling joint tickets now? We have suspended ticket sales with other attractions until further notice.

Can I get a through ticket on Northern Rail? No, Northern Rail has suspended our through tickets until further notice.

I have a heritage railway pass, can I get my free travel? No, at the minute we are not accepting heritage railway passes.

Is entry still free for Blue Peter Badge holders? We are sorry but we cannot accept these until further notice.

I have an ATOC card can I get discounted travel/discount? Yes, you can, you still need to pre-book your seats with us though so please call us on 01229 717171 or email us to book!

I have a local residents pass, can I still come? You will have had a code to pre book tickets as a residents pass holder 

Can I use an accommodation 10% privilege voucher? We are sorry but we cannot accept any of these vouchers for the 2021 season. We apologise for the inconvenience. We will be reviewing this situation and it is hoped that they can be reintroduced at some point in the future.

Can I use my 50% off voucher from Ullswater 'Steamers'? No, currently we have suspended the use of these vouchers until such a time that we can return our capacity to normal. Keep hold of your voucher though and we will redeem it when we are accepting these again!

Can I use my complimentary voucher? We request you get in touch with us and we will transfer to later dates in the 2021 season.

I have a gift voucher how can I book a ticket online? We ask you to call us with your voucher details and we can book you on to a train timeslot.

Can I book train tickets through Viator, Get Your Guide and other third party sellers? We have suspended ticket sales through third party sellers until further notice.

I have a Cream Tea or Eskdale Belle Experience voucher, can I still come? Yes, please call us so we can book you in! If you have a voucher issued by BuyAGift or Virgin Experiences we do recommend you take advantage of the offer by these two organisations to extend your vouchers.

I have a voucher or discount offer issued by a third party such as RailRiders or the Camping and Caravan Club, can I still use it? No, all vouchers and offers are currently suspended. We apologise for the inconvenience and we will be reviewing this situation and it is hoped that they can be reintroduced at some point in the future.

Can I use Tesco Vouchers? We are unable to accept Tesco Vouchers currently.

I am a preservation society member, can I still come? Yes, but places are limited daily to 4 seats on each carriage. You must pre-book a ticket online using your code at least 36 hours before the date of travel. Members have been contacted with details. 

Will wheelchair users and passengers with reduced mobility be able to travel? Yes, there will be an accessible carriage on each train. Pre-booking is essential. Please contact our office at Ravenglass on 01229 717171 to arrange this.

Is Eskdale Mill open? Yes but please head to their website for all information and to book your tickets. Please note, tickets MUST be booked in advance and we are not currently offering our joint attraction ticket with Eskdale Mill.

What is a support bubble? Households or support bubbles of more than six people are exempt from the new rules. Support bubbles allow adults who live by themselves and single parents with children under 18 to join up with one other household. Under new rules, parents with babies under the age of one can also form a "support bubble" with another household. This means they can do things such as visit their house, stay the night and travel together in vehicles.

Can I get my money back if you cancel my tickets due to COVID-19 restrictions? Yes. You can transfer your booking with no admin fee, or you can request a refund.

And finally...

We place the utmost importance on the safety and wellbeing of our customers and team members. Our health and safety measures are constantly monitored to reduce the risk associated with the presence of COVID-19 in line with any changes to Government guidelines as we start to emerge from lockdown.

We would like to say a massive thank you for all your continued support, patience and understanding as we continue to operate under these procedures/guidelines. We will update this page as the Government releases more guidance.

Please be kind and considerate to your fellow passengers, our team, and the local community. Stay safe and well.